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Our chapter members are working women, stay-at-home moms, retirees, high school and college students who are age eighteen and older, and young women advancing in the early stages of their careers. Members hail from all points in Connecticut and sometimes live outside the state. Which chapter you join is completely up to you. We suggest that you visit several chapters to decide which one fits your schedule and interests. Prospective members are welcome at chapter meetings by prior arrangement. The chapter regent or membership chair will welcome you at the meeting, introduce you to chapter members and answer any questions you may have. Considering joining today’s DAR? Here are a few Connecticut Daughters who made that same decision:

Today's DAR
Recognized for Community Service in Canine Search and Rescue

DAR Member, Bree Berner, was recently honored by her local state representative, Mark Tweedie, for her devotion to community service, particularly her volunteer work in canine search and rescue. Bree also does pet therapy visits to regional hospice patients. Bree’s DAR interests focus primarily on doing supplementals for herself and others and grave markings. She graduated from both the DAR New Member Training Course and the New Horizons Leadership Course and found them extremely beneficial. Bree Berner is a member of the Eunice Cobb Stocking Chapter NSDAR in Glastonbury.

Today's DAR
Women Veterans Join the DAR

Kelly Davis recalls the moment when she worked with the Space Shuttle Discovery during the piggyback return to Kennedy Space Center. After retiring from the U.S. Air Force, Kelly began a career as a technology consultant and also does professional genealogical research. Asked why she thinks women veterans are attracted to membership in the DAR, Kelly said, “I think they see the tremendous work that the DAR does for members of our active military and veterans while they are in the military and want to give back once they transition to civilian life. We care about the same things and there is a high level of mutual respect between these organizations.” Kelly Davis is chapter regent of the Penelope Terry Abbey Chapter NSDAR in Enfield, Connecticut.

Today's DAR
Passion for Historic Preservation Leads to DAR Membership

Rose-Scott Rothbart and her husband Carl specialize in the restoration and preservation of historic buildings including many colonial era structures. Beginning with restoring the exterior and clay tile roof of The Breakers, they have been working for over 18 years to keep the colonial structures and emblems of the Gilded Age in good repair. Rose-Scott's passion for historic preservation fuels her involvement in the DAR. Rose-Scott recently used satellite technology and site visits to discover the locations of twenty pocket cemeteries in her town and researched best practices for cleaning and maintaining their colonial era gravestones. In addition to serving on the board of the New Canaan Preservation Alliance, on New Canaan’s Historical Review Committee, and as a Juror for the Greenwich Historical Society’s Greenwich Landmarks program, she also serves as historic preservation chair for the Hannah Benedict Carter Chapter NSDAR in New Canaan.

Today's DAR
Moving to A New Community Sparks DAR Involvement

After attending graduate school in Washington, D.C., Delaney Ross stayed to begin her career there and looked for ways to become involved in her new community. She became a member of Manor House Chapter NSDAR; a chapter filled with young, involved women. It showed Delaney how much fun being a member of the DAR can be. She eventually moved to Connecticut when her husband, who is in the Navy, began a new position in Groton, Connecticut.

Delaney loves paging at Continental Congress each June. She says, “It’s great being involved in all of the events and participating to the fullest. When I'm paging, I'm usually on my feet and running around about twelve hours of the day, and awake many more, so it's exhausting but also very rewarding.” Delaney worked as a communications page the past two years helping to run social media and publishing the Congress Herald, Continental Congress’ digital newspaper. Delaney is especially pleased because she did the genealogical footwork that discovered her patriot, leading to this meaningful and rewarding commitment to the DAR. Delaney Ross is Junior Membership chair and project patriot chair for the Lucretia Shaw Chapter NSDAR in New London, Connecticut.

Today's DAR
New Member Quickly Becomes A Community Service Powerhouse in Her Own Community

Stephanye Clarke has accomplished a tremendous amount since joining the Lucretia Shaw Chapter NSDAR in New London, Connecticut. Although she joined just last year, Stephanye has already accumulated more than 800 hours of volunteer service. She is involved in numerous local and statewide health equity and community health initiatives and is a member of the Health Improvement Collaborative of Southeastern Connecticut. In the Collaborative, she serves on the leadership team and co-chairs the Healthy Lifestyles work group. Stephanye also serves as a board member for Eastern Area Health Education Center where she leads the communications committee and facilitates monthly teambuilding exercises. She also chairs the Health Committee of the New London Branch N.A.A.C.P. Stephanye is a member of “It Takes a Village,” a grassroots group formed to meet the needs of New London County residents. The group formed in 2018 to coordinate a school supply drive. Over 160 families were given school supplies, backpacks, and many received free haircuts, food vouchers, free uniforms, and new sneakers. Since its inception, the group has coordinated emergency food, shelter and clothing needs for individuals and families. In her church, Stephanye is a member of the music ministry, governing board, Grown & Development Council, and serves as church administrator and assistant to the Pastor.